Liz Weickum is a freelance Visual Artist and Graphic Designer based in Seattle, Washington. She graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has been exploring her artistic style and honing her craft for over a decade, focussing on personal art and client work. Her art has been featured in Artistik and UNDO magazine and as cover art for many local music producers and labels.
Since 2008 she has been displaying her artwork in galleries and businesses, live painting at events and festivals, and recently started painting murals in 2019. 
She works mainly with digital and paint. Her artwork is heavily influenced by her love of music, her life experiences, exploring and expressing her emotions, and a desire to create the things she wished existed. She typically uses bright and soft color schemes contrasted by black and dark tones to represent the duality of life.
Her biggest style influences come from street art, anime, pop art, sci-fi and surrealism. She aspires to inspire and empower others through art. 
When she's not making art, she's usually taking photos, nerding out on music, going to museums, experimenting in the kitchen and checking out new food spots.
(Photo by Bryant Kristoffer Garduque)

Google ☁️ UX Party
Google ☁️ UX Party
Mr. Saigon Mural
Mr. Saigon Mural
Falafel Salam Mural
Falafel Salam Mural
From left to right: Google Cloud UX Team Holiday party (photo by Kendra K). Mr. Saigon mural {photo by Bryant Kristoffer Garduque). Falafel Salam Mural (photo by Natalie Benson).

"The Drawnk Royale with Cheese" Group Exhibit  //  Cupcake Royale - Seattle, WA
"The Drawnk 8”x8” Art Show" Group Exhibit  //  Pioneer Square Saloon - Seattle, WA
Artist of the Month  //  The Swiss - Tacoma, WA
"Ice Cream Thursdae VOL 30" Group Exhibit  //  Central District Ice Cream Co. / Happy Grillmore - Seattle, WA
"Ice Cream Thursdae VOL 29" Featured Artist  //  Central District Ice Cream Co. / Happy Grillmore - Seattle, WA
Artist of the Month  //  Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar - Fremont, Seattle, WA
Rotating Featured Artist  //  Seattle Freeze – Seattle, WA
"Night Circus" Group Exhibit  //  Muse Art Gallery – Seattle, WA
"Fearless/Fear Us" Group Exhibit  //  Thunderdome Apparel & Clothing – Tacoma, WA
"Artistic Stance - Ice Cream Thursdae VOL 5" Group Exhibit (Planned Parenthood Benefit)  //  Central District Ice Cream Co. – Seattle, W
Artifak Art Group Show  //  Jazzbones - Tacoma, WA
Artifakt Art Group Show  //  Lo-Fi - Seattle, WA

FESTIVALS (Live Painting)
Lightning in a Bottle  //  Bradley, CA
The Untz Festval  //  Mariposa Fairgrounds, Mariposa, CA
Emissions Festival  //  Belden Town,, CA
Parke Diem  //  Volunteer Park, WA
What the Festival  //  Wolf Run Ranch, Dufur, OR
Paradiso  //  The Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA
Emissions Festival  //  Belden Town, CA
Art on the Ave  //  Tacoma, WA
Parke Diem  //  Volunteer Park - Seattle, WA
Pirate Party  //   LoLo Hot Springs, Montana
Parke Diem  //  Volunteer Park - Seattle, WA

EVENTS (Live Painting)
Google Cloud Team X-Mas Party  //  Canvas Event Space - Seattle, WA
"Re-Live" NYE Party  //  Tacoma, WA
"Friday Night Frequencies"  //  The Swiss - Tacoma, WA
"Soufend Art Show" & Block Party  //  Rainier Ave - Seattle, WA
"The Pancakes & Booze Art Show"  //  El Corazon – Seattle, Wa
Family Night Presents - White Bear and Bogtrodder  //  Substation – Seattle, WA
"Seacompression" (Burning Man Decompression Party)  //  Seattle Design Center - Georgetown - Seattle, WA
"Katpunan"  //  East Trading Co. – Seattle, WA
"In the Red"  //  Substation – Seattle, WA
Mas Sol Collective Presents - Yunis, Crimes & locals  //  Monkey Loft - Seattle, WA
Mas Sol Collective Presents: Dirt Monkey, Suds & locals  //  Monkey Loft - Seattle, WA
Mas Sol Collective Presents: "Apex" (Weekend One)  //  Monkey Loft - Seattle, WA
Mas Sol Collective Presents: "Apex" (Weekend Two) //  Night Jar - Seattle, WA
"Break Wars!"  //  Washington Hall – Seattle, WA
Future Perfect Presents - Chapter lll: "The TriLLogies"  //  Club Sur - Seattle, WA
Future Perfect Presents - Chapter ll: "The TriLLogies"  //  Club Sur - Seattle, WA
Future Perfect Presents “The TiLLogies”  //  Club Sur – Seattle, WA
Bassdrop Presents: Dimond Saints  //  Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA
Future Perfect Presents - "Building Blocks"  //  Club Sur - Seattle, WA
Future Perfect Presents - "Lift Off!"  //  Club Sur - Seattle, WA
Future Perfect Presents - "Cruise Control"  //  Club Sur - Seattle, WA
Chance Fashion's Menswear Show  //  Neighbors Nightclub - Seattle, WA
Bassdrop Presents: "Solstice Insomnia"  //  Neumos - Seattle, WA
Local Fashion & Art Show  //  Las, Vegas NV
Urban Art Festival Benefit Show  //  The Swiss - Tacoma, WA
Fab 5 Music & Art Event  //  Tacoma Art Museum - Tacoma, WA


Mr. Saigon  //  Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA
Tukwila Parks & Recreation Dept. // Tukwila, WA
Falafel Salam George Town  //  Seattle, WA
True Hope Tiny Homes Village  //  Seattle, WA
Happy Grillmore  //  Seattle, WA
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